Meet Your Worst Company In America 2010 Final Four!

After three rounds of voting, 28 of the most despised companies in the U.S. have fallen, beaten and bloodied as they attempted to win the coveted title of Worst Company In America and the elegant golden poo trophy that goes along with it. Now, with just days left in the tournament, only four remain.

This year’s Final Four companies are: Bank of America, Cash4Gold, Comcast and Ticketmaster!

With the exception of Cash4Gold, who knocked out last year’s grand champ AIG in the first round, the 2010 Final Four is identical to 2009.

Comcast, last year’s runner-up, has another shot at the title, but will have to get through juggernaut newcomer Cash4Gold.

Meanwhile, Bank of America will go up against Ticketmaster — unfortunately, the fees and surcharges for that bout will be so exorbitant you’ll need to take out an equity loan to afford them.

How do you see the WCIA finals shaping up? Any predictions on the big winner?

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