Why Did Toyota Wait 6 Weeks To Recall Venzas In The U.S.?

While we in the U.S. have become accustomed to getting things before the rest of the world, that doesn’t seem to hold true for Toyota recalls. Documents show that the car maker issued a recall for their Venza vehicle in December, but decided to wait six weeks to make the same decision stateside.

Toyota opted for the Canadian Venza recall after determining that the floor mats could slip forward and trap the accelerator. However, the company told NHTSA at the time that it wasn’t recalling Venzas in the U.S. because they claimed those vehicles were not imported with the all-weather floor mats.

But then on Jan. 27, Toyota went ahead with a U.S. recall anyway. Though they maintain their stance that the Canadian mats are different from the ones in the U.S. model, Toyota admits that both mats could slip forward and trap the gas pedal.

According to Toyota the mats used in the Canadian model are made by a company in Tennessee. The L.A. Times says the car maker declined to identify the manufacturer of the mats in the U.S. model.

NHTSA, as always, is taking it seriously:

NHTSA continues to investigate the timeliness of Toyota’s pedal entrapment recall… We will continue to hold Toyota accountable for violations we find.

In other Toyota news, the car company has until Monday to respond to the record-setting $16.375 million penalty NHTSA slapped on them earlier this month.

Toyota delayed Venza recall in U.S. for six weeks, records show [L.A. Times]

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