Famous Wrigley Rooftop Club In Foreclosure

Your average Cub fan will, of course, be familiar with the Wrigley Rooftop that sports the “Eamus Catuli” sign, but it seems the well-known rooftop is now in foreclosure.

From Chicago Breaking News:

The building is known for featuring a sign in Latin that says “Eamus Catuli,” which translated means “Let’s go little bears.” But the owners of the club were stripped of its control when a Cook County Circuit judge appointed a receiver earlier this month to take over operations.
First Personal Bank of Orland Park filed the suit in February seeking more than $2.7 million in principal and interest payments. The bank loaned the owners of Lakeview Baseball Club $2.8 million in 2006, and made a second loan of $350,000 a year later.

CBN says that court papers show that the bank was “concerned” that “borrowers were diverting money from the club and using such funds for purposes unrelated to its operations.”

That doesn’t sound good.

The Lakeview Baseball Club and other adjacent rooftops pay the Cubs 17% of their revenue for the right to sell rooftop seats.

‘Eamus Catuli’ Wrigley rooftop club in foreclosure [Chicago Breaking News]

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