Let Costco Outfit You For The Coming Apocalypse

Everyone loves Costco for its high quality and low prices for items as diverse as wine, toilet paper, cashews, and caskets. What you may not know is that for only $800 (plus shipping) you can store enough freeze-fried food to feed one person for a year, two people for six months, and four people for three months. You can get everything at Costco.

This particular kit consists of 84 gallon-size cans of dried and freeze-dried goodness, making a total of 5,011 portions of vegetarian deliciousness. Use it to survive in your basement when the zombies or aliens come. Or just don’t go grocery shopping for a year. The possibilities are endless!

Shelf Reliance THRIVEâ„¢ 1-year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food 1-year Food Supply For 1 Person [Costco]

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