How Do I Get Banned From Every Bar In England?

What does it take to get yourself barred, not just from your local after-work watering hole, but from every bar in your entire country? There’s a 20-year-old woman in England who can answer that question, having just become the first person to ever be legally banned from buying or drinking booze anywhere in the UK.

The woman has been issued a two-year ban that prevents her from even stepping foot inside of any pub or bar in her home country. She is also not allowed to purchase alcohol, carry it in an open container or drink in public.

The ban comes after the woman had already been convicted in various intoxicated incidents. She had been issued, and subsequently ignored, bans at pubs, bars and clubs in her local municipality, so the ban has been expanded nationally.

She must also attend “alcohol-misuse” classes, which if completed without incident could halve the term of the ban to a single year.

If she violates the order, the woman could face a fine of approximately $3850.

Woman becomes first person banned from EVERY pub and club in the country [Daily Mail]

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