NY State Worker Takes Friday Off For 17 Years Before Getting Caught

The New York Post says that a state worker in charge of running a corrections department food facility took Fridays off… for 17 years. Now they’re going after him for $230,000 worth of Friday pay, as well as other “ill-gotten” gains.

From the NYP:

[The worker] “freely admitted” to playing hooky from the state’s Food Production Center in Rome, the report found.

“This certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘casual Fridays,’ ” [the state comptroller] told reporters yesterday.

“He not only dressed down, he didn’t even bother to show up. Quite simply, this is outrageous.”
The watchdogs blasted correction officials for either approving — or failing to catch — a host of perks that appeared intended to compensate [The worker] for taking on a new responsibility for a food facility in 1992 without getting a raise.

Other perks mentioned in the article include billing taxpayers for “75 stays at the local Quality Inn on nights E-ZPass records suggest he was at home.”

Oh, E-Z Pass.

State employee took every Friday off for 17 yearsI [NYP] (Thanks, LiveCheap!)

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