Walmart Sold Me A Scale With The Wrong Kind Of Battery

An anonymous reader writes in about a bathroom scale bought at Walmart that doesn’t include batteries. The item was restocked and robbed of the power sources.

The email:

A few days ago, I bought a bathroom scale.There were only two of this model available, and one box looks like someone took out all the packaging in the store just to try it out. The other box wasn’t so beat up (there was an attempt to tape it up so it doens’t look so bad), so I purchased that one. I get home, take it out of the box, and the (dis)organization of everything just seemed like it was used. Besides the scale, the only thing that cam out of the box was a plastic bag containing an instructional booklet and a guide to fitness brochure. I attempt to turn it on; nothing happens. I read the box to make sure it’s supposed to come with batteries and it is. Last, I open up the back to see if any batteries are in there, and they are. Mind you, these aren’t AA batteries; it’s one of the round ones that comes in watches and cost about five bucks each. So who’s responsible for replacing the batteries? Wal-Mart, the manufacturer, or me?

I don’t see how this would be the fault of the manufacturer or buyer. Seems like a Walmart problem. Trouble is, because the only other scale in stock was also returned, there aren’t great odds that the correct batteries are in that box either.

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