Another Domino's Driver Told To Repay Money Stolen From Him

A couple months back, we wrote about a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy whose boss ordered him to pay back the money that was stolen from him during an on-the-job robbery. And while that driver’s boss eventually relented, another driver in New Jersey was not so lucky.

Last week, a 23-year-old Domino’s driver was robbed of around $130 while making a delivery. When he got back to the store, his manager checked to make sure he wasn’t hurt and then told him he needed to pay back the purloined cash.

Recalls the driver: “She said, ‘repay everything by Sunday, or we’re just going to take it out of your check,’” he said. “That’s when I said, ‘all right, I’m taking my check, and I guess I’m not working here any more.”

According to the driver, his boss pointed to the whole “drivers do not carry more than $20” rule as her reasoning for demanding to be repaid.

He claims that he offered to pay back a good portion of the $130, but his boss would not accept partial repayment.

When reached for comment, the manager said, “It’s situational, to what was going on… Not following procedures was part of the situation, and we can’t release information dealing with the company like that… What he’s telling you isn’t true, but I can’t go more into it than that.”

Pizza guy: I was robbed of $130 … and my job [Trentonian]

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