Who Needs Retirement When You Can Rob A Bank?

Just call this bit of news A Fish Called Wanda 2: Older & Bolder: Three senior citizens were arrested Thursday night after the FBI says they were planning on robbing a suburban bank near Chicago. Two of the suspects spent 13 years in a British jail for their involvement in a gem heist 30 years ago.

Joseph “Jerry” Scalise, 73, and Arthur Rachel, 71, are said to be members of the Chicago mob. Along with Robert Pllia, 69, the men were allegedly watching a Lagrange bank for months as they prepared to steal a delivery of cash from an armored car.

According to the Chicago Tribune, federal authorities apprehended the would-be thieves as they approached the home of a deceased mob leader they were allegedly about to rob.

Scalise and Rachel were released from prison in 1993, after serving their time for the theft of the egg-shaped 45-carat Marlborough Diamond in broad daylight from Graff jewelers in London. The diamond, along with other gems valued at total of $2.6 million at the time, has never been recovered. They’re also suspected of boosting around $120,000 in a 2007 takeover of a bank.

It’s not like it’s all work and no play for these guys – Scalise was a technical adviser on Public Enemies, the movie about John Dillinger starring Johnny Depp that was filmed in Chicago in 2008.

The three pensioners were refused bail when they appeared in court, and their lawyer says all three would be pleading not guilty.

What’s up with the geriatric set getting all sneaky all of a sudden? Hide your piggybanks, kids!

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