If You Bring Your Gun To Walmart, Please Don't Play With It

An Arizona man (not Consumerist’s Phil Villareal, in case you were wondering) is under arrest after he discharged a handgun at his local Walmart. And no, he wasn’t robbing the place; he was just nervously fidgeting with his firearm.

The 29-year-old dude walked into the El Mirage, AZ, Walmart around 1 a.m. early Thursday morning, where witnesses say he began to fumble with his holstered semi-automatic pistol.

According to police, an employee in the electronics section notified the store manager because she believed the suspect could be a robber after she saw him remove his gun from the holster.

But it wasn’t until he attemped to pay for a video game at the store’s front register that the armed dude got into real trouble.

From AZcentral:

He removed the gun from the holster again, causing the magazine to come loose and fall to the floor. [The suspect] re-inserted the magazine and continued manipulating the gun when it fired, sending one round into the ceiling.


No one was hurt and the trigger-happy fella as arrested without incident and booked on six counts of endangerment and firing a weapon within city limits.

Man arrested after his gun goes off inside El Mirage Walmart [AZCentral]

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