Teen Files Harassment Charges Against Mom For Facebook Snooping

When you were a teenager, how many times did you wish you could have called the cops on your parents for being too nosy? It may be too late for you to slap some juris prudence on your folks, but a trailblazing teen in Arkansas has filed harassment charges — criminal, not civil — against his mom for hassling him on Facebook.

According to the teen’s complaint, which has been approved by prosecutors, his mother: “Hacked my Facebook and changed my password. She also changed the password to my e-mail so I could not change it. She posted things that involve slander and personal facts about my life.”

The mother, who does not have custody of the 16-year-old, she was just doing her due diligence as a parent.

Reports CBS News:

Her son forgot to log off of his Facebook page one day while using her computer so she took the opportunity to do a little snooping. New says the boy had written that he had gone to Hot Springs one night and drove 95 mph on the way home because he was upset with a girl. Several other posts on his site also bothered her, but she refused to elaborate.

While the prosecutor wouldn’t go into detail on the specific case, he did describe the state’s legal definition of “harassment” as when, “a person commits the offense if he engages in conduct or repeatedly commits acts that alarm or seriously annoy another person.”

The mom is scheduled to make her first court appearance on May 12.

Facebook Family Feud: Mom Snoops Online, Son Charges Harassment, So They’ll See Each Other in Court [CBS News]

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