No, Geek Squad, You're Not Allowed To Park In Tow Zone

Blake shot this horribly fuzzy picture of a Geek Squad car getting towed. Try to accept is as an object of art and mythology rather than photojournalism, reminiscent of the barely intelligible shots of Sasquatch and Nessie. Like those pictures, this one represents a sense that ours is a world of wonder and fancy.

Blake writes:

As usual, read Consumerist and have been keeping up with Geek Squad
idiocracy. I was happy to see them park in a tow-zone across from my work on Ohio St. here in Chicago (probably for a quick tune-up job) and was even more delighted to see that the karma police took care of business.

Apparently flashing a Geek Squad badge does not prevent the man from carting you off to the impound.

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