Customer Stunned When Routine Transaction Goes Smoothly

Reader Danielle has written in absolutely shocked that a basic return/exchange went smoothly. We think this says a lot about the state of things.

Danielle writes:

I am usually quite skeptical about ordering clothing online; I’m always worried about sizes and fit being wrong… I recently bought my boyfriend a pair of jeans on and of course, they were the wrong size. I thought that returning them would be a pain, but the process was simple; the receipt in the box the jeans came in included a link to return information. I printed out a scannable code, re-packaged the jeans and a UPS person was at my door to pick it up at 10AM the next day. Simple and easy.

However, I was worried once again when a mysterious $80.00 “Amazon Prime” purchase showed up on my Credit Card… turns out I had at one point signed up for a trial of a 2-day delivery service (“Amazon Prime”), and didn’t know that if I did not cancel my membership before the trial was over, they would automatically enroll me in the program and charge my card. I was so frustrated that I hadn’t seen that in the fine print, and upset that I had no notification of signing up. I e-mailed and explained my frustration and what was going on. They e-mailed me back within FIVE minutes, apologized for not being clear in how Amazon Prime works, and explained that a full refund would be issued to me within 2-3 business days. I was totally surprised with how well they treated me.

An actual PERSON e-mailed me, it was not automated, and they made sure that I was completely taken care of, even though it was my mistake. I will definitely be telling everyone to purchase from because of their exemplary customer service. Bravo,!

Mission accomplished, Danielle.