Terminix Will Never Stop Sending Me Junk Mail

David wants to know why Terminix won’t stop sending him mail. He just wants to them to leave him alone. The company received his requests to stop sending mail…and instead started sending junk to him and to his imaginary wife. This was not helpful.

I have been receiving junk mail advertisements from Terminix for 4 straight years now. I have called them and told them to stop. I have faxed them and told them to stop. I have filed no less than 4 BBB complaints telling them to stop. I have filed as many complaints with the Tenn. AG’s office of Consumer Affairs requesting that they be told to stop, yet every year I start getting my mailbox filled with their garbage. What’s even more pathetic about this is that A. the junk comes addressed to a David and Nancy [Last Name]. There is NO Nancy [Last Name], and B. Every year when they start mailing out the junk, it comes no less than once a week EVERY week. Apparently the geniuses there in Tennessee believe that if we don’t want their useless overpriced services the first 100 times, we just might want them the 101’st Last year Terminix had me fax them copies of the junk through the BBB, and promised to stop, and yet it continued. This year they are supposedly sending me a SASE for the same purpose and I am sure with the same outcome.

If Terminix refuses to listen this time, we’d suggest filing a prohibitory order, which can lead to Big Trouble for the company if they continue mailing you. It’s intended for pornographic materials, but can be used against anything that you find “offensive.”

The prohibitory order forbids the mailer, his or her agents, or assigns from making further mailings to the designated addressees, effective on the 30th calendar day after the mailer’s receipt of the order; directs immediate deletion of such addressees from all mailing lists owned or controlled by the mailer, his or her agents, or assigns; and prohibits any sale, rental, exchange, or other transaction by the mailer, his or her agents, or assigns, involving mailing lists bearing the names of the designated addressees.

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