BJ's Wholesale Ordered To Give Refunds For Deceptive Coupons

The Maryland AG’s office says that BJ’s Wholesale Club charged customers for items that were supposed to be free. Naughty!

The coupons in question were apparently “Buy One Get One,” but had fine print that limited the value of the coupons to an amount that was, in some instances, less than the cost of the item.

Customers who used these coupons were charged the difference between the limit and the price of the “free” item.

“Businesses in Maryland must abide by the law and when they advertise something for free, it is just that – free,” said Attorney General Gansler. “As a result of this agreement, BJ’s has agreed to stop these deceptive practices and reimburse customers in Maryland.”

BJ’s will pay a $40,000 penalty and agrees not to charge customers for “free” things in the future. It will return money that it charged Maryland consumers, so watch the mail if you used one of these and got charged.

Attorney General Gansler Settles with BJ’s Wholesale Club
Company Agrees to Stop Offering Deceptive Buy One Get One Free Coupons
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BJ’s pays fine for coupon confusion [Baltimore Sun]

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