Toyota Still At Loss For How To FIx Problem WIth Prius

A day after a 2008 Toyota Prius went rogue at speeds over 90mph on a California interstate, Toyota has admitted that, even though the Prius is on the current recall list, they don’t quite know how to fix the problem.

When asked why Toyota has so far only told Prius owners to remove their driver’s side floormats, a rep for the car giant confessed tjhey haven’t “developed the remedy yet.”

After yesterday’s incident in California, the owner of the car told reporters that he had received a recall notice and had attempted to have his vehicle serviced at a dealership, only to be told that his car was not on the list.

Last night, both Toyota and NHTSA said they were taking the Prius incident seriously and were each sending inspectors out to take a look at the car. It is not yet known if the car’s floormat was the culprit in Monday’s case of the runaway hybrid.

Toyota Working on Prius Recall Fix [WSJ]

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