Tropicana Hit By Grocery Shrink Ray, Introduces Half-ish Gallon Of OJ

The same crappy weather that has Wendy’s declaring a only-if-you-ask-for-them tomato policy has made Tropicana pull out ye olde Grocery Shrink Ray, reducing their half-gallon Pure Premium OJ jugs by 5 oz. to 59 oz.

In addition to shrinking the half gallon to a half-ish gallon, Tropicana is going to raise the price of the gallon-size Pure Premium containers by 5%-8%. We’re assuming the gallon will still be 128 oz.

The reduced size/increased prices will begin in May.

“We have now fully reviewed the extraordinary losses that the Florida citrus industry has suffered — the most devastating winter freeze and the smallest crop in 20 years,” said Tropicana in a statement earlier today.

Because of the unpleasant weather in Florida this winter, the Dept. of Agriculture estimates that this year’s orange production is down 12% from last year.

Tropicana Raising Prices on OJ [WSJ]

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