Thieves Go All "Mission: Impossible" On NJ Best Buy, Walk Off With $26K In Apple Laptops

Taking a page right out of the screenplay for the 1996 Tom Cruise hit Mission: Impossible, some nimble crooks managed to descend from the ceiling of a Best Buy in New Jersey and help themselves to a $26,000 jackpot of Apple laptops — without ever touching the floor.

According to the police, the burglars climbed a 3″ gas pipe to reach the roof of the store, where they proceeded to cut a 3-foot-by-3-foot hole through the entire roof. Authorities aren’t sure how exactly, but they believe the thieves used a suction device to keep the slab of roof from falling through and setting off alarms.

But they were just getting started.

They then dangled down through the hole in the roof 16 feet to the top of the racks inside the Best Buy. Police estimate the thieves were always about 10 feet off the ground throughout the operation.

Hiding behind Best Buy banners to avoid being caught on camera, they then broke into the cage containing the laptops, which they then somehow managed to get up onto the roof, all while not setting off a single motion sensor.

“It definitely appears that they had very good knowledge of the store,” said the police, stating the obvious.

We’re really hoping that the crooks were so brazen as to capture the entire operation on video, because we just have to know exactly how this caper went down.

Thieves pull off Hollywood-style break-in at store in South Brunswick [My Central Jersey]

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