Humana Won't Let You Cancel Your Insurance Because Your Signature Doesn't Match Your Signature

I got cocky. I thought after several emails with a Humana communications person and a story on Consumerist, the insurance company would surely relent and let Dean’s father, Thomas, cancel his unnecessary supplemental Medicare insurance. Nope. After all our efforts, Humana called Thomas only to tell him, once again, that they won’t let him cancel. This time, because they say the signature on his request form doesn’t match the signature on his policy. Which is odd, because Thomas is the one who signed both.

Let’s be clear, Thomas does not need the policy. He hasn’t been on the medications that he needed the policy for for months, having switched to cheaper generics. Surviving on a fixed income, he can little afford the $42.70 Humana keeps snatching from his tiny Social Security check each month.

Dean writes, “A woman from Humana called my father today and told him that the signature on his written request does not match the signature on his policy, and that therefore his policy cannot be canceled in 2010. He said he was furious, told her it was his signature, that he was the only one who signed his legal papers, and that he was tired of being told excuse after excuse by Humana why they cannot cancel his policy. She told him again that he has to pay for all of 2010. He said, “So I have to pay for all of 2010 because you people screwed up?” and she told him yes.

I went and found the Illinois Department of Insurance and filed a complaint for him. Their website says it will take 4-6 weeks until he hears anything, which means another month or two of Humana automatically withdrawing premiums from his check.

I cannot believe there is no way to stop them from withdrawing that money.”

There is a way – go down to the local Social Security Administration and tell them you no longer authorize payments to be deducted from the check. That should stop it.

The rigmarole they’ve been giving you is ridiculous. Cancellation requests can just be a note with your signature on it, it could be written on a napkin, they just don’t want to give up the profits.

Is it time to start adding “IN” to the front of Humana’s name?

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