Postal Service's Saturday Cuts Will Hurt Netflix

Ethan Epstein of Slate’s The Big Money draws the natural conclusion that the USPS’s plans to stop Saturday service won’t work out so well for rent-by-mail companies such as Netflix.

Epstein writes:

The elimination of Saturday delivery would mean that Netflix subscribers will have to endure two consecutive days of no service—nothing to scoff at in a time when consumers have come to expect high speeds and (nearly) instant gratification. And Saturday is a big movie day; the blogger who runs the online bible for Netflix fanatics, Hacking Netflix, said via telephone that many subscribers have come to expect to receive movies on Saturdays and may be very disappointed. On the plus side for Netflix’s balance sheet, the blogger did note that the elimination of Saturday delivery could mean lower labor costs as warehouse shifts are eliminated. However, as the USPS claims that mail would still be transported and that post offices would still be open on Saturdays, it is not clear if this is the case.

Will one fewer day a week of Netflix action be a dealbreaker for you?

Delivering Movies in Slow Motion [The Big Money]

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