Kohl's Sends Me Random Door Parts, Empty Box, With My Order

Consumerist reader Mike was recently enticed by a clothing sale on Kohls.com, so he ordered, in his words, “a ton of shirts.” What he didn’t know was that, in addition to his shirts, Kohl’s was also going to send him several random pieces for a door lock assembly and a second box of free air.

We’ll let Mike tell the story, since he was the one that took the photos below.

I expected a big box, maybe even multiple medium sized boxes. But nothing prepared me for 2 giant boxes. One was light as a feather, the other was really heavy. So I expected some laughs opening the light box, maybe 2 or 3 shirts in there. But I did not find any shirts, not even a packing slip nor invoice, all I found was bags of air. The shipping label said the box was 18 lbs.

I opened the heavy box and luckily all 19 shirts were there. Midway through the box I found part of a door lock. Funny, right? At the bottom of the box I found 5 more of the identical door parts.

And here are the rest of Mike’s photos:


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