HP To Customer: We Can't Fix Your Problem, But Why Not Buy Some Discs From Us?

Josh tried to get some advice on how to fix his broken HP laptop via chat and got little help. What he did get was a pitch to buy recovery discs that were irrelevant to his problem.

He writes:

So, for my background, I’ve worked in IT for a long time. I’ve serviced computers, and am well versed in operating systems/etc. I’ve worked with real corporate tech support, too, those people are generally willing to fix problems when you tell them what your issue is. Recently, I’ve ran into a problem on a personal laptop that I bought from HP last year. The warranty is almost over, and any delay in the processing of my claim will likely prevent me from getting the thing fixed. This includes buying more CDs/etc.

So, I contacted the HP consumer customer support through their online chat. I was hoping to get an RMA number right away to mail in my laptop. I’ve already zeroed the hard drive, and installed a generic copy of Ubuntu, just to demonstrate the problem to their staff. I made a few mistakes (I didn’t lie) in the chat with them, which made them refuse to help me. They even requested that I buy some Windows re installation discs from them to confirm that this isn’t a software issue (Which was proven through their ‘bios’ test that they asked me to do, and was totally irrelevant anyway because the rest of what I said does not indicate a software problem at all). I was expecting them not to ask me stupid questions when I marked my experience as ‘expert’ on their online form.

I want my laptop fixed, and I fear that it won’t happen in time.

Here’s an excerpt of a chat he had with a CSR:

CSR : You need to run the recovery disk , And you need to purchase the recovery disk from HP online .

CSR : And then run it and check if it works .

Joshua : thats not the problem though.

Joshua : its a hardware problem

CSR : Whithout running recovery we can not take the notebook in for repair .

Joshua : I’ll find my recovery disk and try it this afternoon.

Joshua : I don’t know why you can’t help me. but thanks anyway.

CSR : Please wait.

CSR : Joshua , I value your time and concern and realize the importance of getting this issue resolved for you

Joshua : thanks

At least the CSR took the “no” well and didn’t move on to try to sell Josh Amway from there. Have you ever faced such an inappropriate upsell?

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