This Bottle Of Salad Dressing At Target Only Expired Five Months Ago

Paul Newman (who died in 2008) may have still been alive when this bottle of salad dressing was manufactured. Bridget in Minnesota told Consumerist that sge purchased it at her local Target. She got a refund from the store, but she’s still a little alarmed that they would sell her such a thing.

Bridget writes:

I am writing to expose Target Retail for stocking on their shelves
expired salad dressing – severely expired salad dressing. I purchased
a bottle of Newman’s Own Southwest Dressing, 16oz bottle on March
23rd. When I got back to work to use it, as I was opening it I
noticed the neck of the bottle had an expiration date, and at first I
thought I must be reading that incorrectly, because it said “20OCT09M”
I quickly got second and third opinions on the issue, and we all
decided it was from ’09. I called the Target store I had purchased it
and asked them to verify this, I spoke with the grocery department,
and when the employee came back to the phone she confirmed that it was
expired and she apologized.

It’s not even worth my time to return a $3 bottle of salad dressing
that expired 5 months ago. This dressing contains milk & egg, and
more attention should have been paid to expiration dates.

Let this serve as a reminder: expired food may not kill or even significantly harm you, but it’s still a good idea to check labels before buying.