The 20 Most Caffeinated "Drinks" has put together a slide show of the most caffeinated “drinks” available on the market today. The really potent ones aren’t really made for drinking — they’re actually just liquid that you add to a regular drink in order to make it more caffeine-rich. The most potent one allegedly comes in a syringe-looking thing — because emptying something that looks like a syringe into a drink isn’t going to raise any eyebrows at work…

From Mainstreet:

#1: 5150 Juice
Caffeine addicts can inject their drug of choice quite literally with 5150 Juice syringes. The shot goes directly into the beverage of your choice, but because of its extremely high potency, you may want to stick with just one fix.

Caffeine per ounce: 500 milligrams

Price per 100 milligrams: 35 cents based on a 24-pack of one-ounce syringes for $42.

The Most Caffeinated Drinks [Mainstreet]

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