My Compost Barrel Was Made In The USA, By Which I Mean 'China'

Glenn bought a Suncast compost barrel that was labeled “Made in the USA” on the box. So it’s only natural that when he opened up the box he found another box that revealed the included hardware was made in China.

He writes:

It seems like a simple concept, right? If the box containing a product says “Made in the USA, then the contents of the box should say so, also, right? RIGHT?

Well, I’ve attached some pics to say otherwise. We recently bought a compost barrel at Lowe’s, and although the outer box clearly, and proudly, I might add, said “Made in the USA”, when you open up the box, you find a smaller box contained within that has all of the frame and brackets and bolts and nuts, and it clearly says “Made in China.”

Mind you, I didn’t choose it for being American made, but simply for being available, but I know that there are many people who would get really upset over this, and rightfully so.

Perhaps the compost heap is a symbol of the global economy — that political and human rights differences don’t matter so much if two great nations can share the same compost barrel packaging.

Or maybe the outside box was labeled by liars.

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