Starbucks Promises Free Danish, Doesn't Deliver

Earlier today, we wrote about — and even posted the coupon for — Starbucks Free Pastry Day. And according to the coupon, “Pastries included in the offer are: Croissant, Muffins, Bagels, Breads, Pound Cakes, Scones, Rolles, Doughnuts, Coffee Cakes, Morning Bun and Cheese Danish.” But according to Consumerist reader Anthony, his local Starbucks weren’t being so generous.

According to Anthony, he went to two separate Starbucks in his neighborhood and was told at both locations that Cheese Danish was considered a “premium” and they were only offering free coffee cake and doughnuts.

Sez Anthony:

I zoomed in on the coupon on my iPhone and showed her where it says Cheese Danish and she said they aren’t honoring that. I didn’t want to make a fuss as it’s the morning and there were lines and I didn’t want to hold them up… Coincidentally other people also asked for something else and were turned down.

In the coupon it does state that “pastry selection vary by location,” but scanning through the comments from this morning’s post, it seems that most people were able to get what they wanted, pastry-wise.

Did anyone else experience the same problem as Anthony today?