Do Frozen Pantyhose Really Last Longer?

In a recent item on how you can save some cash by putting certain items in the freezer, The Daily Green’s Jeff Yeager says that his wife keeps the runs out of her pantyhose by keeping them in the icebox.

Writes Yeager:

She swears that if she keeps her pantyhose in the freezer, they’re less likely to run and they last longer. (I just can’t imagine how she gets up enough courage to slide into an icy pair every morning.)

Between my mother, sister, roommates and girlfriends, I’ve lived with my fair share of women, but I’ve never found a frosty pair of hose while hunting around for a pint of ice cream.

So I ask in all seriousness — has anyone else tried this, and does it really work? Are there any other articles of clothing that would be helped by a stint in the deep freeze?

Freezer Freaks: 5 Weird Things I Freeze To Save Money [HuffingtonPost]

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