Verizon Accuses Cablevision Of Patent Infringement On Cable Boxes

Just as it’s finished its battle with ABC, Cablevision looks like they’re about to lock horns again. This time it’s with Verizon, who have accused the NYC-area cable company of infringing on several of its patents for set-top receivers.

Verizon filed their complaint with U.S. International Trade Commission, asking them to stop Cablevision from importing their set-top boxes.

The phone/internet/mobile/cable giant claims that the Cablevision boxes infringe on five Verizon-held patents, and that Cablevision should not be able to use Verizon’s own technology to compete with Verizon.

For its part, Cablevision believes that Verizon has filed the suit in an attempt to increase their market share in the Big Apple.

Verizon seeks to ban Cablevision set-top boxes [AP]

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