Update: Greetings From USAIR Flight 1922, Stuck For 24 Hours In Costa Rica

Paradise is great, but not if you’re trapped in it. Dan and his fellow passengers on US Airways flight 1922 were supposed to leave Costa Rica yesterday at 2:55pm. So far, with their broken plane awaiting a part, that hasn’t happened. Let’s check in on the front lines…

Dan writes, “Hello Gentle Folk of US Airways,

I hope this email finds you well. I know that you are all busy, and normally I wouldn’t bother you, but my fellow passengers and I currently have a lot of time on our hands, and mostly, we are thinking about you and your airline.

I generally enjoy US Air. I have a USA credit card, silver preferred status, and some miles in my account. I’ve had pleasant experiences in the past, and hope to have more in the future.

However, I find myself, in this very moment, in a very uncomfortable position. I have been in the San Jose airport for about 24 hours now. The plane that is supposed to take me back to Philadelphia seems to be horribly broken and indefinitely delayed. For some reason your employees here have been unwilling to put us on another plane, or even to give us any information. We are increasingly frustrated.

I was wondering if you could do something to take care of us?

It would be great if you could expedite us back to our most beloved United States Of America.

Thanks so much,


I asked him, “What is your flight number? Has the airline provided you with any food or accommodations? What’s the mood like there among the passengers?”

He replied, “Our first flight was 1922, it was scheduled to leave yesterday at 255 pm.

We were given accommodations and food vouchers last night, and told that our flight would leave at 6am.

We all came back to the airport at 3am, because you have to be at the San Jose Airport 3 hours before your flight leaves.

We watched the sun rise. The flight got pushed back to 9am, and then indefinitely. The latest that I’ve heard, they are going to put the part they need to fix the plane on an inbound plane, and it will be ready when it is ready.

the passagers are: (in their own words)

pissed off and tired
tired, did anyone mention tired
tired, and beyond disgust
us air sucks, i think that sums it up

there are important guys waving credit cards…
new age ladies singing prayer songs.

oh, and they just gave us a lunch voucher.

thanks ben!


Hey, at least you’re not stuck on the plane. Good luck Dan! Hope you guys can get out of there soon.

UPDATE 3/15/10 11:57 am, Dan writes, “After keeping us in the airport for another 12 hours, they declared the plane officially broken, and told us we would have to wait another night while they flew some mechanics in from the states with a new part. we are unsure as to why we aren’t simply being sent a new plane, i suppose it has something to do with money.

So they shipped us back to town for the night, and now we are back at the airport, waiting in lines again, curious to see if we will, in fact, be able to leave the country today.
I would like to assure the folks who are invoking haiti, that i know that i dont have it that bad. I’m actually pretty happy. I’ve got a ukulele, a yoga mat,and a deck of cards.

Those things along with my netbook, can keep me busy just about indefinitely.

But, I am missing work today, and so is everybody else. That is kind of a bummer. A costly bummer.

Also, My lifespan is finite, and undetermined. And, I see my life as precious I could die at any time, we all could. Knowing this, I feel i have some responsibility to advocate for myself. I apologize to anyone who is offended by this.

So there you have it. I’m almost to the ticket counter, I’ll keep you posted.
Pura Vida,


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