Apple Has Given Me 5 Broken Hard Drives In 3 Months

Consumerist reader Victor has had a few — five, to be precise — problems with his Macbook Pro in the last few months. According to him, he’s had the hard drive replaced four separate times and also had his entire laptop replaced, only to have that hard drive die on him too. So Victor wrote Mr. Apple himself, Steve Jobs, and copied Consumerist on the letter.

Mr. Jobs,

Last night, I started hearing a clicking sound from my brand new Macbook Pro. After running slowly for a few minutes, the system crashed and would not boot up, displaying instead an error screen with a folder and a question mark. I then ran disk utility, which was unable to even detect a hard drive. This marks the fifth dead hard drive I’ve received from your company since January 2010. Here is the history of repairs that my computer has been in for just this year:

Hard Drive replaced 1/4/2010 Repair ID: R****** Case #:*******
Hard Drive replaced 2/7/2010 Repair ID: R****** Case #:*******
Hard Drive replaced 2/15/2010 Repair ID: Repair ID: R****** Case #:*******
MacBook Pro replaced 3/8/2010 (After another dead hard drive)

In addition to all this, the LCD was replaced in 2008 and the logic board was replaced in 2009.

For years I have been a loyal Apple customer. My computer has literally spent more time in the Apple store for repair than in my possession since January. I was pleased that the Apple store in Pentagon City, VA was willing to replace my laptop with a brand new 15″ 2.8ghz Macbook Pro, but this system appears to have been DOA with yet another dead hard drive. I rely on my Mac for my livelihood in video production and for much of my social life. There have been very real ramifications in my life due to the fact that I have regularly been without a computer.
Is there anything you can do, Mr. Jobs, to correct this situation?

We should tell you, Victor, that Mr. Jobs isn’t exactly a fan of the site.

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