Angry Man Stays Calm, Receives Shiny New Laptop From Dell

We love getting letters like this one from reader Tim. Tim says he is usually angry, but decided to take our advice and remain calm in the face of customer service peril. For this he was rewarded with a beautiful shiny new laptop from Dell.

Tim says:

I just wanted to write big thank you to the Consumerist for helping me find the error in my ways.

Usually I’m pretty hotheaded and foul mouthed when things go wrong, especially when it comes to my computer. I’ve been pretty foul mouthed before to Dell and on recent Xbox and laptop issues.

I finally took the Consumerist’s advice given in the ultimate guide to fighting back. This time when my GPU on my laptop died for the 3rd time, I stayed the course, kept being polite, kept records, escalated when necessary, etc…

I was recently rewarded with a brand new laptop about 5 times more powerful than my original. It’s true you catch more flies with honey! Thanks Consumerist for teaching me how to remain calm, and thanks to Dell for making this situation right!

Yay! To learn what Tim learned, check out The Ultimate Consumerist Guide To Fighting Back.

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