Consumer Reports Tests 3D Televisions, Goofy Glasses

We might have all of the cat pictures here at Consumerist, but our sibling publication, Consumer Reports, gets to play with very cool toys. Right now, the folks in the TV-testing lab have some of the exciting new 3D televisions from Panasonic and Samsung, and they made a preliminary video to show them off and weigh the pros and cons of being an early 3D TV adopter. Sorry, the video is only in 2D.

The 3D television models that Consumer Reports is currently testing run around $2500, but are pretty useless if you don’t also invest in a 3D Blu-Ray player (around $400) and some spare pairs of glasses (about $100 each) for your family members and friends who will inevitably invite themselves over.

First Tests of 3D TVs [Consumer Reports]

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