Personal Finance Roundup

Making the Most of Your Most Valuable Financial Asset [Free Money Finance] “Consider this post a reminder that what we do with our careers can make a tremendous amount of difference to our net worths.”

Hard Times Turn Coupon Clipping Into the Newest Extreme Sport [Wall Street Journal] “Penny pinchers deal for discounts.”

Ten Tips for Maximizing Your Savings at a Warehouse Club [The Simple Dollar] “You really can do much better on some items by utilizing a warehouse store, but you’ve got to follow a good plan. Here’s how.”

Is your retirement fund leaking? [MSN Money] “Frequent trading by fund managers can inflate costs that aren’t reflected in the numbers most investors watch. That’s money from your retirement kitty.”

5 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund [Kiplinger] “Use the influx of cash to improve your financial situation.”


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