Expedia Baited And Switched Me On Vegas Vacation

Credit Card Oultaw posts about an Expedia Las Vegas vacation ad for airfare and a stay at a 4-star hotel starting at $39, but clicked on it, went through the process and discovered the total cost of the cheapest trip was $2,000.

From the post:

They have quite the nerve shoving a Citi credit card offer in my face as they unveiljavascript:void(0); a price tag that is about 57 times greater than what the ad I clicked on promised.

Get your sh_t together, Expedia. What you did to me and thousands of other Web surfers tonight was either a) intentionally devious b) rather incompetent or c) a bit of both.

If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Which travel site do you find gives you the best results?

Is Expedia.com Full Of It? [Credit Card Outlaw]
(Thanks, Sara!)