Citi Demands You Pay $0 Or They Will Foreclose On Your House

In these tough times, homeowners with difficulties paying their mortgage dread receiving that letter from the bank informing them that their loan is in default. Except for Consumerist reader Ryan, who recently got some certified mail from CitiMortgages telling him his home was at risk of foreclosure, unless he immediately forked over $0.00

The letter (see closeup below) begins by informing Ryan, in all caps, that his LOAN IS IN DEFAULT and that “To cure the default you must pay the the past due amount of $0.00, including $0.00 in late charges and $0.00 in delinquency related expenses.”

Asks a flustered Ryan, “I need some good advice. Should I send a check for $0? Perhaps a money order or wire transfer would be more proper??!? Please help!!”

We suggest sending them the entire amount… in pennies.


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