List Of Subscriber Fees Shows What You Pay For Channels You Hate

After the spat between Cablevision and Disney invaded the Oscar telecast last Sunday, the fees channels charge cable companies (who then pass them along to you) have come into the spotlight. All Things Digital posted a list from industry analyst SNL Kagan that shows the wholesale prices each channel charges cable companies for their product.

The list is making the rounds as fodder for a la carte cable activists. It makes it very apparent how much of your bill goes to sports programming — which tends to irritate people who hate sports. Alternatively, you can study the list and count how many stupid makeover shows you are unwillingly paying for.

Keep in mind these are wholesale prices, cable companies obviously mark-up the prices, profit, etc. Meanwhile, it seems that the whole ABC/Cablevision was just a dress rehearsal for the real showdown: Time Warner Cable VS ABC. Look for that to get crazy in August as TWC’s deal expires.

Hate Paying for Cable? Here’s Why
[All Things Digital]

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