Will You Wear A $600 Disney Dress Based On One Of Its Movies? How About In 5 Years?

The future of Disney merchandising will hit a lot more demographics than the mostly kid-oriented stuff of today, if Disney has any say over it. Disney has already angered theater chains by shortening the theatrical release window on its new movie-like product Alice in Wonderland, cutting into theaters’ profit models in order to bump up the DVD release date. But CNBC notes that it’s also launching the “most wide-ranging array of consumer products ever” for a Disney flick–and that includes thousand dollar necklaces, nail polish, and dresses that cost as much as $600.

Disney’s consumer products chief Andy Mooney told CNBC that they don’t expect to actually sell much of the high end stuff, but that raw sales aren’t the point:

Disney’s consumer products chief Andy Mooney says it’s really about creating a “halo” for the brand.

The media giant wants fashionable adults to think Disney and its brands are cool, not cheap or tacky. Inclusion in a fashion magazine and fashion-forward looks does just that.


Mooney tells us that he expects ‘Alice’ to yield a consumer products line that will last for a decade. How much is it worth this year? He wouldn’t say, other than it’s somewhere between $100 million and $1 billion. The better the movie does, the better these products will sell.

“Alice’s $1 Billion Consumer Products Tea Party” [CNBC]

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