Amex Gives You Money It Can't Explain, Won't Take It Back

Reader Chad was deployed to Iraq from 5/05 to 6/06. American Express gives a special rate to service members when they are deployed, but apparently Chad wasn’t getting it. They figured this out and let him know that they would be crediting his account with a mysterious number they couldn’t explain. Then they credited all his accounts with this exact amount of money– even new ones he didn’t have while in Iraq. Free money is nice, but he’d rather they just give him the right amount.

Chad says:

Anyways, On 9/1/09 Amex credited my card for $299.10, because I was deployed to Iraq from 5/05 to 06/06 and service members get a special rate while on deployment. When I was deployed, Amex actually adjusted my rate and was very helpful.

But I guess they want to be really helpful, because they want to send me another $299.10 in 2009. The real kicker is… When I was deployed I only had one AMEX card. Since I have returned from deployment, I have a personnel amex card and two business cards. They gave me $299.10 on all cards, even thought they didn’t exist during deployment.

So when I asked what the deal was they told me that I don’t have worry about it. They don’t have to show their equations, or how they got to the number, they are right! I can rest assured.

You’re right to be wary, Chad. Eventually they are going to figure out that they gave you a discount on accounts you didn’t have and are going to want their money back. What a pain.

Here’s the second letter Chad got after trying to let them know they’d made a mistake.

3-8-2010 2-09-43 PM.jpg

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