Burgled Domino's Delivery Guy Ordered To Pay Back Money Stolen From Him

UPDATE: The situation has been resolved for the better.
No, this isn’t a follow-up to our story from earlier week about the Domino’s driver who was robbed of his chicken wings at gunpoint. This a completely new robbery involving an unfortunate Domino’s employee, made all the worse because he says his boss wants him to repay the purloined cash.

The 20-year-old driver was attempting a delivery in Raleigh, NC on Wednesday night when he was robbed by five people wearing red bandanas.

“As soon I turned to the left, I got hit in the face, and I went down, and they just started stomping me,” the victim said of the attack. “If you look at my lips, it’s busted across my two front teeth. My bottom lip got busted. My nose got busted pretty bad.”

And it was a case of literally adding insult to injury when the driver returned to his workplace to say he no longer wanted to work there, only to be told by the manager that he’d need to repay the money that was lost.

The owner of that Domino’s explains, “No final decision has been made yet, but there is a companywide policy that says drivers are not supposed to carry more than $20 on them at any time.” He added that the policy exists solely to prevent drivers from becoming targets of attackers.

“I just feel like my life was threatened. I don’t see why I should have to pay $61 back,” the driver said about the situation. “I think it’s crazy…. I feel like, if I didn’t have anything to give the dudes, they might not have stopped attacking me.”

Three teens have been arrested in the attack, with police on the lookout for the remaining two suspects.

“I’m just glad they got caught,” said the driver. “I’m hoping they have to serve some time or something.”

This is the second such attack in less than two months on a Domino’s driver from the same store. Sadly, the driver in the first attack died of injuries suffered in the attack.

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