Why Won't Tupperware Send Me My Cereal Bowl Lids?

Brandy likes Tupperware very much. Well, she used to. She writes that when she sent in for a warranty replacement for some of her items, the company neglected to send her the coordinating lids…and now won’t answer her e-mails. Without its lid, a Tupperware cereal bowl is just a plastic bowl. And what’s the point of that?

Hi Consumerist – A few weeks ago I called Tupperware for a warranty replacement on some hamburger presses, cereal bowls, and lids. They no longer make the presses so I was issued a credit. I purchased a Tupperware set with the credit, and paid the $5.75 warranty replacement shipping fee for the bowls and lids.. They sent me the set I purchased with the credit, the cereal bowls — and no lids. I contacted them by email on January 24 and the ensuing one-sided exchange follows. Any help with contacts at Tupperware? I just want my lids so I can use the bowls as they were intended. I already paid the stupid shipping fee – They were the ones who forgot them!

Frankly I love Tupperware (big fan of any lifetime warranty) but can’t ever recommend them to another person again after they’ve made their warranty into a joke. It’s a shame I’ll have to switch to disposable containers.

[I sent this e-mail on] 1/24
RE: my recent warranty order [order number redacted]

The lids to the cereal bowls were not included. The lids I had no longer work (and yes, I tried, I CANNOT get them onto the damaged bowls OR the new bowls). I indicated that I should receive the lids on the phone for the 3 cereal bowls. I would appreciate it if you could send me the lids. Having the lids is kind of the point of Tupperware.

[They sent this e-mail on] 1/25

Thank you for contacting us and we appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.
We may be able to assist you over the phone. Please contact Tupperware Customer Care at 1-800-366-3800 between 8:30 AM ET to 9:00 PM your local time Monday through Friday. Any of the Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you.

Please also take note of the mold number imprinted on the cracked Tupperware® product. The mold number is a small number usually imprinted on the bottom of the item. We would also like to mention we have a $5.75 shipping fee for your free replacements.

Again, thank you, Brandy, for your e-mail. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Tupperware Customer Care

[I sent this e-mail on] 1/25
Hello – The lids should have been included with my order – they were omitted. The mold number is 227 and I expect to be provided with them (I need three of them) without paying an additional shipping fee – which I have already paid. The omission of the lids was Tupperware’s error – not mine.

[I sent this e-mail on] 2/4
I am still awaiting a response. This experience with Tupperware has been unacceptable.

Brandy is still waiting for an answer from Tupperware, a month later. Unfortunately, we don’t have any executive Tupperware contacts for her, though calling customer service back a few times in hopes of finding a competent and sympathetic representative is probably a good idea.

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