Data Shows Toyota Might Be Crashiest Cars On The Road

Toyota might be getting a pity party at home in Japan for the skewering the car company is receiving over their recall of 8 million vehicles, so this latest report will probably turn them into saints. A new look at almost 13,000 speed-related complaints over the last decade shows that Toyota led the pack in with the most complaints involving a crash.

According to the report in the NY Times, Toyotas accounted for around 1,000 crash-related complaints, more than double Ford’s total of 450. There are two other sets of numbers that make this information even more intriguing. First, Ford had a higher total number of complaints, but significantly fewer resulting from crashes. Second, Ford had almost 10 million more cars on the road than Toyota during this period.

In fact, both Toyota and Ford pale in comparison to the 41 million GM vehicles out there at the same time. But they only had 1 speed-control crash complaint per every 179,821 vehicles sold, while Toyota has 1 per 20,454.

Also of note in the Times’ findings — There were more crash-related complaints about Toyota’s 2002 Camry than there were about the 2007 Camry. And yet the latter model year was recalled while the 2002 was not.

In response, a Toyota rep said that all the NHTSA complaints had been looked into previously and, “At the conclusion of these investigations, no specific evidence of a trend regarding safety issues was found.”

Do you think Toyota is hiding something? Or are those un-recalled cars merely a statistical anomaly?

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