TurboTax Charged Me $30 For An Upgrade I Didn't Realize I'd Ordered

Cindy says TurboTax sped her through a filing session that ended with her paying about $30 to upgrade to the deluxe version, even though she didn’t realize she’d made such a purchase. These are the sorts of issues that make Tax Cat purr in quizzical contemplation.

She writes:

I just e filed my federal and state taxes today, and was a little miffed to see that TurboTax charged me $29.95 for “upgrading to their deluxe version” when I have absolutely no recollection of doing this. (I’m the cheapest person on earth; there’s no way I would do this!) They also tried to charge me another $29.95 fee just for taking the first $29.95 directly out of my refund, plus the $35 for my state return. (I got out of the second *29.95 fee when I chose “pay with a credit card” instead.) I tried to search on your site for similar issues, but I never found any….is anyone else out there having this issue? If this is a large issue, I will consider going to the Better Business Bureau or some other reputable agency to report this back handed practice. Thanks for your help!

If you’ve had a similar problem with TurboTax, please let us know.

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