Vision Media Tries To Squash Blogging Of Public Documents Re:Frivolous Lawsuit

The makers of the Hugh Downs video ripoff we wrote about are suing, a site that lets people anonymously post info about unsolicited calls they receive. Vision Media wants the posters’ identities revealed. That’s not uncommon, but what’s really rich is that they asked the judge for a gag order to stop 800notes lawyer, Paul Levy of Public Citizen, from posting the motions about the case online. Yes, they wanted to stop people from reposting public documents because doing so was “embarrassing” and “defamatory”.

In effect, they sought to gag the record of their own gagging. The judge denied 800notes motion, but it’s crazy the lengths some companies will go to to make the internet shut up, and you have to wonder how many of those we don’t hear about that might be quietly getting away with it.

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