Please Donate Blood Despite The Fact That You Are Covered In Snow

The New York Blood Center just sent out a notice asking people to donate blood despite the nasty weather — because people still have surgery and whatnot even when it snows. Apparently, drives have been cancelled and people have been staying away because of the awful weather and the shelf life of platelets is only 5 days. So, if you’re in a place that has been having nasty weather, why not call your local blood bank and help them out?

NYBC says:

Though many NYBC donor centers remain open, dozens of school, community and workplace blood drives have been cancelled.

Blood donors are urged to schedule donations over the weekend and next week to help replenish the blood supply.

The need for platelets and blood is constant, in spite of donation fluctuations caused by winter weather and other factors. Hospital use of blood products remains high — due to surgeries, emergencies and care of cancer patients. About one in seven people entering a hospital needs blood. The shelf life of platelets is only five days; the shelf life of red blood cells is 42 days.


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