Mac Users, Things May Be Getting Steamy

Although Apple’s App Store may be getting considerably less steamy, the opposite is true of gamers who use Macs for console games. Kotaku reports Steam, the digital distribution platform that lets you buy games on demand, may be headed Macward, usable on OS X.

From Kotaku:

Steam forum members dug through newly released files from the recently launched open beta and dug up a handful of Mac OS X-specific graphics, like the open, maximize and minimize jewel icons that are used in the operating system’s windows.

While those icons could be chalked up to Steam’s change to a WebKit-based rendering engine for the client—Valve has moved away from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for Steam’s new UI—there are a few other Mac-specific graphics buried within. That includes system dock graphics and a handful of OS X menu files.

If you’re a Mac-only user, you probably don’t care much about computer gaming. But is anyone excited about this?

Is Valve Bringing Steam To The Mac? [Kotaku]

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