UPS Successfully Delivers Your Package To "BSMT GARBAGECAN"

Reader Martin would like us to know that UPS successfully delivered his package to “BSMT GARBAGECAN.” Hey, at least they are honest.

Martin says:

On Monday I couriered an envelop containing paper objects and a DVD from Toronto to New York, to be included in an exhibition that will open this afternoon. The envelop never arrived, and today I saw UPS’s “proof of delivery” – which I attached for you as a pdf document. They successfully delivered my shipment to a “BSMT GARBAGECAN.”

The objects were meant to be included in an exhibition entitled “How To Do Things With Words and Other Materials,” and its seems UPS has contributed its own little performance piece. Also, they haven’t heard the last of me.

Go get ’em, Martin.

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