Bernie Madoff's Daughter-In-Law No Longer Wants To Be A Madoff

What’s in a name? Just ask Stephanie Madoff, daughter-in-law to imprisoned Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Seems like Stephanie is finding that the surname she took when she wed Bernie’s boy Mark isn’t just a badge of shame — it’s also a threat to her life. That’s why she has petitioned a Manhattan court for a name change.

Citing death threats made against her since her father-in-law got nabbed for bilking billions out of investors, Stephanie now “wishes to avoid additional embarrassment, harassment and endangerment associated with the name ‘Madoff.'”

She’s also seeking to protect the lives of her two children, adding name-change requests for them both to the petition. Oddly, both kids will retain “Madoff” as a middle name.

According to court documents, Mark Madoff voiced no objection to the request.

We’re guessing he might be considering dropping the “Madoff” from his name too.

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