NYC Woman Exploits Gyms For Year Of Free Workouts

With the exception of parking and affordable homes, there’s a lot of everything in New York City… especially gyms. With this surplus of workout spots, they are all fighting to get a sweaty, muscled grip on your wallet. A 24-year-old law student in the Big Apple not only saw an opportunity to exploit this competition and score some free workouts, she’s also blogging about her attempt to make it through the entire year without paying for the gym.

“The school gym stinks, and I’m too poor to pay for a gym membership,” Julia Newman writes on her blog Buns Of Steal. “But that doesn’t mean I’m totally S.O.L. See, there’s this amazing concept called competition, and on this island, it’s all the rage.”

In just a few weeks, she’s already scored free, and often extended, passed to David Barton Gym, 24-Hour Fitness, Equinox, Crunch, and a handful of smaller yoga studios and the like.

Things all just got a little more difficult for Julia, after she was outed by the NY Daily News. However, she continues on in her quest to work up a sweat without spending a dime.

Is there anything wrong with what Julia is doing? Or is this a good example of how to work the system?

Buns of Steal: A Year-Long Free Workout Circuit

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