Just Calling Bank Of America Invokes The Cancel Monster

Be careful if you call Bank of America. You might wake the beast. April called BofA about a credit card that she hand’t used in a while to see about getting her interest rate reduced. At first they told her she qualified for a new card with an APR 10 points lower, but then the bloodshot eye of the guardian cast its fell gaze upon her for the first time in years and something nasty happened…

April writes, “I have had a Mastercard with Bank of America for a long time now. I have no balance on it and don’t use it much because its APR has always been higher than my others. But all my interest rates have been increasing so I called them to see if I could get a lower rate.

I entered all my information through the automated system, waited on hold for a live person, explained what I needed, then I was transferred and waited on hold again, and then had my interest rate lowered by 10 points (good news!). Then I was told to hold for someone to help me with the balance transfer. After holding some more I was asked a few questions. I was then told that my account was being closed. Turns out my income was too low.

They wouldn’t count my rental income because if the renter doesn’t pay, I would have to pay myself. The mortgage company thinks my rental income counts, but not Bank of America.

So total I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes holding and getting my rate lowered, only to wait 5 more min to be told my account was being closed. It was all the more irritating because the rep who told me was acting like it was a benefit. “We are going to go ahead and close this account for you.” Great. Thanks so much.

I should have known not to call in. Sometimes “the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but it also is the first one replaced.” 🙂

– April”

That’s Bank of America’s computer system tangle for ya!

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