Some Believe Subway Can Be Diet Food, Almost No One Trusts Taco Bell

It’s en vogue for fast food companies to section off portions of their menus as “the healthy section,” but the label doesn’t convince many diners of the fact that the grub can be part of an effective weight-loss diet.

Decision Analyst’s research shows more people trust Subway than any other fast food joint when it comes to these pseudo-healthy claims, although only 24 percent of people buy the claims.

Taco Bell came up on the short end of companies surveyed, garnering the trust of only 7.5 percent of those surveyed.

From the report:

“Subway owns the nutritional claim relative to its competition, as there is a significant gap between Subway and these other popular fast food/quick-service restaurants. In fact, Subway is the only one of these restaurants with more people who ‘completely trust’ their nutritional claims than ’do not trust’ them. This finding illustrates the challenges and opportunities facing restaurants in their quest to gain greater acceptance of their health and nutrition efforts,” said Diane Brewton, Senior Vice President of the Market Intelligence Division at Decision Analyst.

If you’ve managed to lose weight by eating fast food — not counting food poisoning — let us know.

Subway’s Nutritional Claims Are the “Most Trusted” by Consumers [Decision Analyst via Marketwire]
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